Past NWTSJ Conference Highlights:

2021 keynote not recorded BUT THIS!
Dr. Bettina Love 
We Gon’ Be Alright, But That Ain’t Alright:
Abolitionist Teaching

CLICK HERE to watch the 2020 keynote by
Chenjerai Kumanyika & Demetrius Noble
Revolutionary Public Education at the Crossroads of Race, Class, & COVID

CLICK HERE to watch the 2019 keynote by
Barbara Madeloni
Why Social Justice Educators Need to Be Union Organizers 

CLICK HERE to watch the 2018 keynote by
Winona LaDuke
Thinking for the 7th Generation 

CLICK HERE to watch the 2016 keynote by
Kevin Kumashiro
Fixing Systems; Demystifying Ideologies

CLICK HERE to watch the 2015 keynote by 
David Stovall
We Still Need to Trouble the Water: Race, Revolution and
the Struggle for Quality Education

CLICK HERE to watch the 2013 keynote by
Curtis Acosta
Pedagogies of Resliency & Hope
(beginning at 5:30)

CLICK HERE to watch the 2013 workshop
David Rovics
Troubadour: Teaching People’s History Through Music

CLICK HERE to watch the 2012 keynote by
Bob Peterson
One Teacher’s Journey to Teaching & Organizing for Justice

CLICK HERE to watch the 2012 pannel
Adam Sanchez, Gwen Sullivan, Jesse Hagopian,
Emily Crum, & Bob Peterson
Transforming Teachers Unions: How Can Unions be a Force for Social Justice?

CLICK HERE to watch the 2011 keynote by
Karen Lewis